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JRS Exterior House Painting Procedure Step-by-Step

JRS Exterior Painting Procedure | Exterior House Painting Questions and Answers

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    What to Expect When Getting a Exterior Painting Estimate

    Once your painting estimate request is received we will promptly follow-up with you to schedule an appointment. You can relax knowing that no pushy sales people will show-up at your door. J.R. will meet with all painting clients personally at your home or project site. During this time the details of your painting project will be discussed and J.R. will be happy to provide recommendations and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. For your convenience we offer a flexible appointment calendar with extended evening hours. Most appointments will take less than 30 minutes.

    Accepting The Exterior Painting Quote

    We use customized estimating software that will provide you with a detailed exterior painting and repair estimate. Once you decide to move forward with the work, we make it convenient to sign and return the estimate via email. We will promptly follow-up with a conformation and provide you with the first-available start date. We will always work with clients on preferred start dates and do what we can to accommodate special request. We highly recommend scheduling many weeks in advance for exterior painting services. We never require a deposit or up-front money for painting projects.

    Starting Your Exterior Painting Project

    Our team leader will be contacting you a few days prior to your scheduled start date to discuss other details such as your final paint color selections and address any questions or special concerns you may have at that time. We know life is busy and respect your time so our painting team will be on schedule and enthusiastic about starting the work on your project. Before they get started the team leader will always identify and introduce the team. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with the crew while the project is underway. Your team leader is on-site at all times and will be a excellent communicator should any questions or concerns arise. Feel free to approach him during any stage of the renovation.

    Professionals Exterior Painters

    Although many of our painting and repair projects are considered a major renovation, there is no need for your property to look like a major construction zone. We are job tidy professionals and will keep all tools, ladders and work materials stored in a organize way. Teams will work to keep the area clean while they work with a full clean-up at the end of each work day. The team will prepare your project by protecting and covering work areas such as decking, patio furniture, porches, driveways, landscaping and other area as needed. We also may remove shutters, storm doors, storm window or screens, light switches or outlet covers, outdoor lighting or fixtures and other hardware as necessary to protect them.

    Making Wood Rot Repairs

    Team members will replace and make all repairs as specified in the work order. This can be a very time consuming process depending on the scope of the repairs to be made. The wood rot will be safely removed, all infected areas are carefully treated and new material will be professionally installed. Some types of replacement materials we use on the exterior are pvc, smart trim, smart siding, masonite and cedar. Our wood rot repair specialists have years' of experience in the trade and will always work to find the source of the wood rot and work to eliminate it.

    Exterior Painting Prep Work - Scraping

    Once the repair work is completed the team will move forward with the first stage of the "prep-work". They will start with removing any loose paint by using various paint scraping tools and may lightly sand other trouble areas as needed. During this process any loose, flaking, peeling or bubbling paint areas are thoroughly scraped. We'll also remove any defective or peeling caulking as well as other surface imperfections at this stage.

    Exterior Painting Prep Work - Sealing

    Once the scraping and sanding is completed the team will move forward with the second stage of the "prep-work". The team will check all windows and apply glazing if specified. A 60 year' premium acrylic caulking is applied to all siding seams and all nail pops. Any joints, seams, wood trim, window trim, door trim and essentially all wood on the exterior will be optimally sealed.

    Exterior Painting Prep Work - Cleaning

    Once the caulking and sealing is completed the team will move forward with the third stage of the "prep-work". By using a pressure washer we are able to clean and thoroughly remove years' of accumulated dirt and mildew from the entire structure. Good paint performance depends on good paint adhesion, and paint adheres best to surfaces that are clean and sound. This is a very important step not to be over looked for a long-lasting exterior paint job. Our team will spend the time to ensure all surfaces are cleaned and ready for the new paint.

    Exterior Painting Prep Work - Priming

    Once the cleaning (pressure washing) is completed the team will move forward with the fourth stage of the "prep-work". Any new wood replacements or previously unpainted surface will need to be oil-based primed before painting. Our team will also apply primer as needed in problems areas such as older trim boards with serious discoloration that may have not needed to be replaced. Keep in mind that a premium acrylic bonding primer ensures much better adhesion and uniformity of the new coat.

    Exterior Painting Prep Work - Inspection

    Once the priming is completed the team will move forward with the fifth stage of the "prep-work". Our team leader will thoroughly inspect all "prep-work" At this stage your entire home including but not limited to the foundation, wood, stucco, siding, trim, windows, doors, shutters, gutters and downspouts has been meticulously gone over by hand, repaired, treated, scraped, sanded, cleaned, sealed, caulked, power washed, primed as needed and thoroughly inspected before applying the new exterior paint.

    The Exterior Painting Procedure

    Once the Inspection is completed the team will move forward with the full exterior painting stage. Our professional team will prepare the structure for painting by masking-off all windows, doors, brick work, fixtures and roof-lines. The team will also be covering other work areas such as decking, porches, driveways and landscapes. At this stage the team will apply only the finest life time exterior acrylic paints in the colors of your choice. This will ensure your exterior project not only looks great, but will do so for many years to come. Depending on the type of surfaces we will be using a combination of applications for applying the painting that will include airless sprayers, brushes, rollers as well as other specialty tools. Our equipment and coating techniques are the absolute best available in our industry. JRS commitment to you is a job done right with honesty and integrity.

    Final Exterior Painting Stages

    Once the exterior painting has been completed the team will move forward with the final painting stage. At this time you will be asked to walk around the exterior for final inspection with the team leader. The team will perform any final "touch-ups" that may be needed at completion. We will re-install shutters, storm doors, storm window or screens, light switches or outlet covers, outdoor lighting or fixtures and any other hardware that was removed during the "prep-work" The crew will then finish-up with a meticulous clean-up at completion. Your 100% satisfaction is personally guaranteed!

    Payment on Completion

    You will never be asked for a deposit, up-front money or payments in advance of completed work. Our accepted payment options are bank check, company check, and personal check. All payments are due in full the day of completion.

    Be sure to check-out the before and after exterior photo gallery to see why hundreds of kansas city home and business owners have trusted us with their most valuable assets. We are dedicated to a job done right with honesty and integrity.

    I Personally Guarantee It!

    Request your free painting estimate and let's get started today! J.R. is looking forward to meeting with you "personally" and discussing the details of your commercial painting or residential painting project.

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