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Make Sure You're Getting The Best Exterior Painting Services

Our teams never compromise on quality, they specialize in it.

Our exclusive 15 step exterior home painting process using only premium paints, proven workmanship and procedures will deliver superior results with outstanding performance and longer-lasting curb appeal. JRS and our professional exterior painting teams are committed to excellent value and workmanship by providing every painting client with a job done right at a fair price. We're trusted in neighborhoods just like yours for our exceptional painting services by those who appreciate quality and demand only the best.

15 Step Exterior Painting Process

Exterior Painting Estimates | Residential - Commercial

Once you contact us for an exterior painting estimate, we'll schedule a free contactless consultation and on-site inspection of your commercial or residential property. During our meeting the details of your painting project will be discussed and any questions or concerns will be addressed. Our appointment will take about 30 minutes and for your convenience, we offer a flexible calendar with extended weekday evening hours.

No Pushy Estimators or Sales People

If you find it exhausting and frustrating to deal with salespeople you're not alone. When you reach-out to JRS Painting Company, there is no need to worry about commission sales estimators or pushy sales people showing-up at your door. You'll always meet with the owner J.R., who is friendly, knowledgeable and working for your best interest. Most importantly J.R., will take both your budget and property concerns seriously, showing you the most cost effective way to care for and maintain the exterior of your property.

Accepting Our Exterior Painting Quote

We use customized estimating software that will provide you with all the details of the exterior painting cost and wood rot repairs to be made. Should you decide to move forward with the work, we make it super easy to just sign and return the estimate via email so we can get you on the production schedule as soon as possible. When hiring a home contractor there should be a high-level of trust involved by each party and we lead the way never requiring a deposit or up-front money for house painting services.

Starting Your Exterior Painting Project

We will follow-up with a confirmation email, and provide you with the first available start date. A few days prior to your scheduled start date, the team leader will contact you to discuss other details such as your final paint color selections, and address any other questions or concerns you may have at the time. We know life is busy and will always respect your time, so you can count on our painting team to be on schedule and enthusiastic about getting started on your painting project.

Project Team Leader Always On-Site

On your start date you can expect the team around 8 AM. Your team leader will identify and introduce the painting crew of two to four team members. The team will be very knowledgeable about all the details and work to be completed on your exterior painting project. Team leaders are on-site at all times and will be an excellent communicator should any questions or concerns arise. You will find your team very friendly so feel free to approach them during any stage of the renovation.

Job Tidy Professional Painting Teams

The team will prepare your project by protecting and covering work areas such as decking, patio furniture, porches, driveways, landscaping, and other areas as needed. It may also be necessary at times to temporarily remove shutters, detachable window screens, light switches, outlet covers, outdoor lighting fixtures, or other items and hardware to protect them. The team will never leave your property a mess, or allow paint to get on areas it should not. We are job tidy professionals and will keep all tools, ladders, paints, and work materials stored in an organized way. Teams will work to keep the area clean, and leave the property the way they found it.

Making Wood Rot Repairs - Siding Repairs

Wood rot repairs are very time consuming; after all we are working to take great care of the well preserve building material on your exterior while replacing only the infected dry wood rot areas. Our exterior wood rot repair team will ensure the dry rot is safely removed, all infected areas carefully treated, and new material is professionally installed. Your exterior painting and wood rot repair estimate will always reflect the work to be completed as well as what type of replacement materials will be used on your project.

Exterior Painting Prep Work - Scraping

After the wood rot repairs are completed, the team will move forward with the first stage of prep work, scraping loose paint chips. They will start with removing any paint chips by using the warner 100X scraper with proprietary carbon steel and various paint scraping tools for doing the best job on exterior surfaces. We may also need to use bondo repair wood fillers or lightly sand other trouble areas on the exterior depending on the work order specification. During this process, any loose, flaking, peeling or bubbling paint areas are thoroughly scraped. We will also remove any defective caulking along with other surface imperfections at this stage.

Exterior Painting Prep Work - Cleaning

Once the scraping and small repairs are completed, the team will move forward with the second stage of the prep work pressure cleaning. Good paint performance depends on good paint adhesion, and paint adheres best to surfaces that are clean and sound. This is a very important step not to be over looked for a long-lasting exterior paint job. Our team will use a Karcher G 4000 OH Pro Series Gas Pressure Washer that is capable of cleaning and thoroughly removing years of accumulated dirt and mildew from exterior surfaces. Depending on the type of building material on your exterior, a lower-pressure may be recommended as to not damage it, while a higher-pressure is used on other material. Our painting team will apply the correct applications for maximum effectiveness.

Exterior Painting Prep Work - Sealing

Now that the pressure cleaning has been completed, the team will move forward with the third stage of prep work, sealing and caulking the entire exterior. Depending on the type of material and other factors, the average exterior home painting project will need between 36-48 tubes of sealant and caulking. A 60 year elastomeric acrylic caulking is applied to all exterior siding, nail pops, joints, seams, wood trim, fascia boards, batten boards, soffits, window and door trim as needed. Our premium sealant will form a durable, airtight, water-resistant seal that will offer exceptional protection from environmental conditions.

Exterior Painting Prep Work - Priming

After the caulking and sealing has been completed, the team will move forward with the fourth stage of the prep work, exterior priming. Any newly installed wood rot replacements, or previously scraped and unpainted surfaces, will need to be primed for good adhesion before the new paint is applied. This is a very important step that is unfortunately often incorrectly preformed or over looked entirely in our industry. Our team will use an oil based primer which will penetrate and seal exterior wood before painting. We will apply the primer, as needed, to problem areas such as older trim boards with serious discoloration. Our exclusive premium oil bonding primer application ensures a far superior result giving your new paint the best adhesion and uniformity possible.

Exterior Painting Prep Work - Inspection

Once the priming is completed to perfection, the painting team will move forward with the fifth stage of the prep work, team leader inspection. Our team leader will thoroughly inspect all completed prep work. At this stage, the foundation, wood, stucco, siding, trim, windows, doors, shutters, gutters and downspouts will be meticulously checked to ensure it has been properly repaired, scraped, sanded, sealed, caulked, cleaned, and primed as needed before applying the new exterior paint. While the entire painting process is performed by a highly experienced team, this is a final step we take to ensure perfection of the prep work before moving forward.

The Exterior Painting Procedure

Only after the inspection is completed, will the team will move forward with the full exterior painting. They start with preparing the property for painting by covering and masking off all windows, doors, brick work, fixtures, and roof-lines. Other work areas such as decking, porches, driveways and landscaping may also be protected as needed. At this point they will start to apply the premium exterior acrylic paint in the colors of your choice. Depending on the exterior surfaces, we use a combination of applications for applying the new paint that may include but not limited to airless sprayers, brushes, rollers, or other specialty tools for paint and sheen uniformity. Our unmatched exterior painting techniques and equipment are the best available in our industry. This will provide your property with outstanding performance and protection from the elements while giving the exterior a fresh new modern look.

Final Exterior Painting Stages

Once the exterior painting has been completed, the team will move forward with the final painting stage. At this time, you will be asked to walk around the exterior for final inspection with the team leader. The team will perform any final touch-ups that may be needed at completion. We will re-install all shutters, storm doors, storm windows, screens, light switches, outlet covers, outdoor lighting fixtures, and any other hardware that was removed, as well as remove all masking tape and covered areas. The crew will then finish up with a meticulous cleanup of the jobsite. Your 100% satisfaction is personally guaranteed!

Payment on Completion

Unless you're doing a major building or remodeling project that requires proof of funds, you should always be very cautious with painting contractors asking for money to start your project or before the work is completed. At JRS, you will never be asked for a deposit, up-front money, or payments in advance of completed work. Once all the painting is completed and inspected to your 100% satisfaction, payment is due in full. We do not offer financing or accept credit card payments for our painting services. Our accepted payment options are bank checks, company checks, or personal checks. All payments are due in full on the day of completion.